Wednesday, December 2, 2009



we had our big ultrasound the day before Thanksgiving! My parents and my little sister got to be there with us :) It was so exciting to see how much our baby has grown, he looks so cramped up in there! I'm so excited for April to get here so I can finally hold my little man! We havent completely decided on a name yet...but we're getting there. I'll try to give more updates and things happen :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

*11 week ultrasound*

So here are the first pictures of our little bundle of joy:):):) We decided to go with the Mid-wife route and are so excited about our decision!!! (p.s. I'm still getting an EPIDURAL) The mid-wives are amazing! at our first big appointment we got a fun FREE ultrasound and got to watch our baby(for 15 min) moving around raising its hands to his or her face and kicking like crazy (so weird for me I couldn't feel it) I was so touched seeing our baby!! Phil was in awww and now finally believes me that I have a baby in;)I was told im carrying the baby towards my back and the baby was facing that way, so it was hard to get a clear picture. Most of the pictures you can see the baby's face and hand, in the first picture you can see the entire baby side profile! Our next appointment is the 26th of October when I'll be 15.5 weeks! At that appointment our mid-wife will preform a gender we could know what we're having earlier than most:):):) If not our big ultrasound will be the week before Thanksgiving:), which would be an awesome time to find out and tell all our family together in person for the holiday!

*Suprises & Updates*

wow!!! So its been a crazy 4 months of marriage;) we are loving our new life together! So umm updates....lets see...hmm...WE'RE PREGNANT!!!! We were very surprised by our little blessing, but are very happy none the less:) Our precious little bundle is due April 18th!!! I also graduated from Cosmetology School, and can now work for a little bit and save some major cash hopefully for this expensive lil baby;) My Hubby is doing awesome as well! He is loving his Job at Prosper here in Provo, and on top of working full time my SUPERMAN is also doing 17 credits at UVU working very hard toward med school! I lost my camera cord(working on getting a new one)so I will hopefully get some new updated pictures on here soon! I'll work on posting new updates at least a few times a month(fingers crossed) :) So until next ya

Friday, June 19, 2009


These are a few of my favorites from my bridal session! I'm still working on getting our honeymoon and wedding pics on here:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

*Bridal Shower*

This last Saturday my bridesmaids had a naughty "bridal shower/ bachelorette party" for me. I honestly know I had a lot of fun....but don't really remember it:( I got my wisdom teeth out the day before, so Iwas all sorts or swollen and drugged up;) The reason I'm dressed so awesomely is....Nikki had me answer questions about Phillip, every time I got something right I got to take something off. Well I liked the outfit so dang much I just kept it on the entire party...even though I only missed 2 questions out of 25;) My cake was awesome! my girls got me a sexy lingerie cake;) ( very fancy... the lady that made it makes cakes on the food network). I also got my bridals taken last week! that was super fun! my photograher is amazing! I love my pictures, but I cant show them off until after the wedding:( Phillip is being very traditional and doesnt want to see my dress. only 2 weeks left!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

* Our Wedding*

June 5, 2009


Sarah Diane Bratcher

Phillip Michael Oberg

Manti Temple at 11:15am and ring ceremony at Mellor Hidden Meadows Reception Center and Garedens at 6:15 pm

Mellor Hidden Meadows Reception Center and Gardens from 7-9pm

Wedding Colors:
ivory, rose red and black (damask)


Mary Bratcher - my little sister

Kiri Marie Whitaker- my best friend/clone

Nicole York- my personality twin

Allyson Backer- my model


Ryan Oberg- Phil's older brother

Jared Sallee- Phil's best friend

Nico Pesci- Phil's arch-nemesis and super close friend:)

Dustin Joe- Phil's partner in crime

*The Proposal*

Best way I can describe our relationship in one word "Strategery"!!! haha I make it really hard for him to surprise me! we are always one step ahead of one another;) so he had to think long and hard and get outside of his little box to pull this one off! I'm so proud of my man! He slaved over scrap booking material to make me the best "proposal" ever. OUR NEVER ENDING STORY...his journey to finding me! just when I started to think he wasn't gonna pull it off...he knocks one out of the park!!! He took me to the Provo temple and gave me the book...each page had a story and pictures about his life and journey to me...and at the end he wrote me the best letter asking me to marry him!!! HECK YES I WILL!!!!! LOVE YOU BABE!!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

* Our Blogspot*

So it Begins

So instead of getting started with the usual that most couples do, I decided to dive right in to blogspot! I want our friends and family to have the blog that we're going to keep up on as our journey continues. So I thought I would break it down for everyone, so that our family and friends that aren't around us can find out how it all began and where we are going!

How we Met

So this is my version;) I got dragged to the stake "Classic Skating" activity that Mary (my little sister) really wanted to go to. Being the awesome sister that I am;, I decided to take one for the team and go with her(the free pizza helped a bit). Mary was loving it and just started skating, well I took the wall flower route and just mingled a bit with the fellow none skaters from my ward. There I was just minding my own business and playing with my phone, when all of a sudden I look up and this table of guys is debating on which one would have the guts to come talk to me. I froze and just looked super uncomfortable I'm sure, and here comes GORGEOUS Phil with his sly swagger!!! haha He just slides on into the table I was sitting at and gives me a big "its your lucky day" smile and with his charming voice tried his hardest to get me to go skating with him. I wasn't about to go that easy! I made him work hard, quizzing him left and right! Time flew I was really shocked on how long we talked! It only took a few key things to get me really intrigued. He said he loved the movie "Willow"( huge plus) and he had the cutest little boy laugh(despite his player appearance). He knew he had me too, he started to walk off slowly (since I was holding on strong to not skating). So being the sucker I am, I finally got on some skates. We were doing ok at first, nice and slow just chatting as we went around the skating circle. Then out of no where this Amazon going at least 20mph(serious haha) knocked right into me sending me flying towards the floor...and before I knew it this big muscular arm grabs me and with his cute little half smile asks if I'm ok?! freak I was a goner!!! HOOK- LINE AND SINKER!!! we have been none stop head over heels for each other ever since! Its been 9 months and we are getting married on June 5,2009!!!!