Monday, May 4, 2009

*The Proposal*

Best way I can describe our relationship in one word "Strategery"!!! haha I make it really hard for him to surprise me! we are always one step ahead of one another;) so he had to think long and hard and get outside of his little box to pull this one off! I'm so proud of my man! He slaved over scrap booking material to make me the best "proposal" ever. OUR NEVER ENDING STORY...his journey to finding me! just when I started to think he wasn't gonna pull it off...he knocks one out of the park!!! He took me to the Provo temple and gave me the book...each page had a story and pictures about his life and journey to me...and at the end he wrote me the best letter asking me to marry him!!! HECK YES I WILL!!!!! LOVE YOU BABE!!!!!

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  1. That is SO cute!!! I want to see the book, I am so happy for you.

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