Monday, October 19, 2009

*11 week ultrasound*

So here are the first pictures of our little bundle of joy:):):) We decided to go with the Mid-wife route and are so excited about our decision!!! (p.s. I'm still getting an EPIDURAL) The mid-wives are amazing! at our first big appointment we got a fun FREE ultrasound and got to watch our baby(for 15 min) moving around raising its hands to his or her face and kicking like crazy (so weird for me I couldn't feel it) I was so touched seeing our baby!! Phil was in awww and now finally believes me that I have a baby in;)I was told im carrying the baby towards my back and the baby was facing that way, so it was hard to get a clear picture. Most of the pictures you can see the baby's face and hand, in the first picture you can see the entire baby side profile! Our next appointment is the 26th of October when I'll be 15.5 weeks! At that appointment our mid-wife will preform a gender we could know what we're having earlier than most:):):) If not our big ultrasound will be the week before Thanksgiving:), which would be an awesome time to find out and tell all our family together in person for the holiday!

*Suprises & Updates*

wow!!! So its been a crazy 4 months of marriage;) we are loving our new life together! So umm updates....lets see...hmm...WE'RE PREGNANT!!!! We were very surprised by our little blessing, but are very happy none the less:) Our precious little bundle is due April 18th!!! I also graduated from Cosmetology School, and can now work for a little bit and save some major cash hopefully for this expensive lil baby;) My Hubby is doing awesome as well! He is loving his Job at Prosper here in Provo, and on top of working full time my SUPERMAN is also doing 17 credits at UVU working very hard toward med school! I lost my camera cord(working on getting a new one)so I will hopefully get some new updated pictures on here soon! I'll work on posting new updates at least a few times a month(fingers crossed) :) So until next ya