Thursday, May 21, 2009

*Bridal Shower*

This last Saturday my bridesmaids had a naughty "bridal shower/ bachelorette party" for me. I honestly know I had a lot of fun....but don't really remember it:( I got my wisdom teeth out the day before, so Iwas all sorts or swollen and drugged up;) The reason I'm dressed so awesomely is....Nikki had me answer questions about Phillip, every time I got something right I got to take something off. Well I liked the outfit so dang much I just kept it on the entire party...even though I only missed 2 questions out of 25;) My cake was awesome! my girls got me a sexy lingerie cake;) ( very fancy... the lady that made it makes cakes on the food network). I also got my bridals taken last week! that was super fun! my photograher is amazing! I love my pictures, but I cant show them off until after the wedding:( Phillip is being very traditional and doesnt want to see my dress. only 2 weeks left!!!

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