Wednesday, September 15, 2010

footsie game

We love playing the footsie game!!!

Weston a.k.a.( Widget,Sqwiggy,Wiggie Man & Mr. Perfect!) is 5 months old today!!!

My baby boy is 5 months old today! Why is it when life is finally perfect in every way :), time goes by like 5x faster!? NOT FAIR!!! I'm trying to soak up his babyness(my new word) as much as I can, I love watching him learn new things, talking ( he says Ma Ma ALL THE TIME:)!!),sitting up, rolling over....but I'm still a little sad that its happening so quick! I love my little widget sooo much!!! Happy 5 months Mr. Perfect!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day weekend trip to Fallon NV

We went to go see my parents in my home town of Fallon Nevada this holiday weekend. It was Weston's first road trip and he did pretty darn good! We left at 5am Friday and arrived around 1pm Nevada time. Friday we went and visited my moms work at NAS(naval air station)Fallon, so she could show off Weston to all her co-workers and We also got to walk around Air Field Park and check out historical naval planes. Saturday We got to finally sleep in :) and Had lunch with one of my closest friends Rayanne and her family, Her youngest Jocelyn is only 2 weeks older than Weston. The rest of Saturday was just relaxing time with my parents.On Sunday We headed to Reno for the annual "rib cook-off" sooooo good! It was very very busy, but dang those ribs and jumbo onion rings were worth it! We headed home at 5am on Labor day. We wanted to keep the drive home within wigets sleeping schedule so we wouldn't have to stop a bunch and entertain him, plan worked really well. Im now a lot less worried about our 14 hour road trip this Christmas...but still a bit worried thats a long stinkin drive... any who GREAT WEEKEND!!! It was fun to finally take my boys to my home town and just relax before the insane year ahead! Phil is on track to Graduate next fall and then off to Med that means INSANE year of homework, studying(a ton for the mcat),volunteer work and applications...geez!