Thursday, April 16, 2009

* Our Blogspot*

So it Begins

So instead of getting started with the usual that most couples do, I decided to dive right in to blogspot! I want our friends and family to have the blog that we're going to keep up on as our journey continues. So I thought I would break it down for everyone, so that our family and friends that aren't around us can find out how it all began and where we are going!

How we Met

So this is my version;) I got dragged to the stake "Classic Skating" activity that Mary (my little sister) really wanted to go to. Being the awesome sister that I am;, I decided to take one for the team and go with her(the free pizza helped a bit). Mary was loving it and just started skating, well I took the wall flower route and just mingled a bit with the fellow none skaters from my ward. There I was just minding my own business and playing with my phone, when all of a sudden I look up and this table of guys is debating on which one would have the guts to come talk to me. I froze and just looked super uncomfortable I'm sure, and here comes GORGEOUS Phil with his sly swagger!!! haha He just slides on into the table I was sitting at and gives me a big "its your lucky day" smile and with his charming voice tried his hardest to get me to go skating with him. I wasn't about to go that easy! I made him work hard, quizzing him left and right! Time flew I was really shocked on how long we talked! It only took a few key things to get me really intrigued. He said he loved the movie "Willow"( huge plus) and he had the cutest little boy laugh(despite his player appearance). He knew he had me too, he started to walk off slowly (since I was holding on strong to not skating). So being the sucker I am, I finally got on some skates. We were doing ok at first, nice and slow just chatting as we went around the skating circle. Then out of no where this Amazon going at least 20mph(serious haha) knocked right into me sending me flying towards the floor...and before I knew it this big muscular arm grabs me and with his cute little half smile asks if I'm ok?! freak I was a goner!!! HOOK- LINE AND SINKER!!! we have been none stop head over heels for each other ever since! Its been 9 months and we are getting married on June 5,2009!!!!