Saturday, June 26, 2010

*Weston and Easton*

So we didn't technically plan this....but great minds think alike! Phil's best friend Jared and his Wife Jocelyn have a little boy two months older than!!! These two are just made to be best friends like their daddy's!!!( and mamma's are really tight as well) and With Easton's big brother Stratton to lead the way..these boys are in for some crazy adventures ;-)Its so funny how much our families and marriages are alike...serious!!! We are both so excited to watch these little cute terrors grow up and reek havoc on our lives!!!

first picture together!!!

(Weston 4 days old Easton 2 months old)

Weston 2 weeks old Easton 2.5 months

Easton 2.5 months, Stratton just shy of 2 years, Weston 2 weeks old

Easton 4 months!

Weston 2 months!


  1. Ya I think that we are in for some trouble...

  2. K that was me saying that, I guess my sis was logged into this computer last. lol